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Dealing with These Issues?

  • IT Skill Set Verification.
  • Hard-to-fill opening positions.
  • Unaware of the candidate’s full potential.
  • Can't find the right software developers and programmers.

We Help Make The Hiring Process
For Remote Developers Easier And Faster

Large Talent Pool

1,000 developers available for quick & easy recruitment based on your project needs.

Vetted Developers

All developers who work on your projects are vetted before being assigned.

Payment Simplified

We handle payments to developers so you don't have to think about foreign payroll policies

Global HR Compliance

Our policies keep projects, stakeholders and talents in accordance to foreign laws and regulations.

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Krenovator vs traditional hiring

Transparent pricing, earlier start dates, and trusted developers.
Avoid rip-off recruitment agencies placing untested candidates.

Krenovator Traditional agency Traditional employment
Cost per hour Start from10USD/Hr Start from60USD/Hr Higher
Recruitment cost $0 $0 Cost Per Hour
Time to hire (average) 21 Days 1-2 Months 1-4 Months
Quality-assured Always Sometimes Never

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our developers' rates start at 10 USD/hr.

This rate depends on the following:
- experience
- skill-set
- seniority of the developer

We believe in transparent pricing, so always know how much you will pay and what you’re paying for.
All our pricing plans are dedicated to having no hidden costs and no startup fees.
You just pay based on your needs.

No, we don't have upfront fees or contract-related fees.

Unlike traditional recruitment companies and job portals, we do not require any upfront fees to cover contract-related or recruitment costs.

We are able to do this through our tech community that we have built since 2019. This community spans across Southeast Asia.

As such, there is no need for us to charge those fees as there is little to no effort needed to provide you with vetted remote developers.

We send invoices every 15 days: one at the start of the month and another in the middle of the month.
However, our payment plans are flexible, and would be happy to provide a payment plan that works best for you upon request.