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Advantage of Remote Hiring

16 Nov 2022

Embrace The Future of Works

The globe has embraced remote work quickly over the past ten years. According to Strategy Analytics, 1.87 billion workers, or 42.5% of the world's employment, will be working remotely by 2022. The global pandemic of 2020 has only sped up what was already going to happen. Remote development teams will become more in demand.

In the near future, many corporate functions and some entire enterprises will switch to a remote working policy, either full- or part-time. The future of employment will look like this.

A remote product development team offers businesses a number of benefits as well as some obstacles. Given the current acceleration of the trend to remote working, we wanted to emphasize these features of remote working, and how Krenovator can bring you benefits.

If you've never considered hiring a remote software developer to handle your technical needs, now is the right time.

Remote Developers More Efficient

According to a Mckinsey survey, 95% of remote workers say they get more work done. According to Goremotely, 83% of entrepreneurs say flexible hours have increased their productivity. A lot of other research support this conclusion.

This is somewhat unsurprising given that people who work from home are free of the distractions of the office as well as a time-consuming (and often exhausting) commute. This time and energy can be redirected back to their task.

A remote product team keeps costs down on office space

Office rent is always rising, particularly in major cities. Remote working is more than simply a benefit for employees; it is a genuine business possibility with a direct influence on the bottom line.

Dell provides a flexible work policy that allows workers to work from home and on their own schedules. Due to reduced office space requirements, Dell has saved an average of $12 million per year since 2014.

A remote development team would also be less expensive than an onsite team that would need to be physically in the office because an onsite team would require you to pay for their office space as well.

Krenovator provides the same benefits as an onsite team at a lower cost.


Hire from Anywhere and Save Money

Another cost-cutting benefit is the possibility to hire non-local personnel. Local talent, especially in established markets, can be fairly costly. Alternatively, there may be a complete lack of local talent.

Even in the world's main cities, where the largest pools of experts are available for employment, you will be competing with some of the world's largest businesses, which have huge resources.

With remote working, you may hire top people from all over the world. Geographic areas with lower talent expenses are now available to you. This could explain why small businesses are twice as likely as large corporations to hire full-time remote workers.